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The Seed: A Living Beer Project

Atlantic City, New Jersey

About The Brewery

What is the seed all about...

It is a strong belief of ours that incredible complexities can be derived from relatively simple ingredients and processes.  The concept of fermentation is as poetic and beautiful as it is mysterious; a world of interactions, decomposition, production, and alterations occurring microscopically out of view yet right in front of our eyes. By combining seemingly inert grain, water, and hops with an orchestra of microscopic fungus and bacteria, we can, for a moment, set the stage for the inception of the entire pathway and story of that particular biological moment in time.

The Seed: A Living Beer Project is exactly that; a living, dynamic, ever changing exploration into the convergence of indigenous ingredients, local agriculture, and fermentation.  While we try to honor both art and science in our beer, the most important governing force, from our standpoint, is nature's variability.  From the subtlest of differences in wheat harvests, and the sugar content changes in post-frost feral grapes, to the unending range of flavor and aroma compounds that various living microbes can produce.  The set of naturally occurring variables is infinite.  This limitless opportunity for experimentation is what fuels our obsessive passion and inspiration for telling a story through natures ingredients.

Some Pics of Us

Let's Get Social

807 Baltic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, USA


Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 3-8pm
Thursday: 1-8pm
Friday: 1-8pm
Saturday: 12-8pm
Sunday: 12-6pm
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