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A Deathly Time At 13th Hour

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Haunted houses are an October staple and if you haven't gone to one it's about time you do! Thankfully Jersey is home to many amazing haunted houses, however, 13th Hour is one of the best! They've been a New Jersey Top Haunts winner 3 years in a row! If you don't believe us take a look!

The tale of the 13th Hour begins in the 1970's when a new family by the name of the Haydens moved into a farmhouse in Wharton. For years the family kept to themselves, mother, father, and their two children. Neighbors would try to introduce themselves to the new residents but no one would come to the door, The children no older than the age of ten would never be seen outdoors.

Things to do in New Jersey - Haunted House in new jersey
13th Hour Haunted House/Facebook

After years of no activity at the home, odd people were seen infrequently coming or going at odd hours of the night. On several occasions Mr. Hayden could be seen outside with an axe but not chopping wood. Rather admiring it in a haunting way and thrusting it repetitively into the ground.

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Eventually, locals witnessed strange sounds and smells coming from the home. Concerned residents eventually began taking photos and turning them over to the newspapers. After many attempts to have the town and state governments rid of the Haydens, hurricane Dorian came through and ravished the town and Hayden home forcing the Haydens to flee and leave town. This gave curious travelers and locals the opportunity to see what the Haydens had been doing inside this mysterious house for all those years.

Things to do in New Jersey - Haunted House in New Jersey
13th Hour Haunted House/Facebook

Now it's your turn to travel back in time to the 1970's and see what grotesque things the Haydens had been up to for their many years in Wharton. Will you make it out or will you be caught by something that the Haydens left behind? 13th Hour Haunted House is a completely immersive experience! You will be supplied with a glow stick necklace to wear if you'd like to take it to the next level and allow the creatures to touch and grab you!

13th Hour is open every Thursday - Sunday from now until November 2nd. You can purchase tickets or find more information Here



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