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4 Haunted New Jersey Locations

New Jersey has a rich past full of odd and unusual history and legends. Here are 4 well know haunted Jersey locations. You might want to rethink visiting these four places alone, after dark or even visiting at all.


Clinton Road, West Milford

The first haunted location on our list is Clinton Road in West Milford. This road has many different stories tied to it and the curses that come with it. The most well-known story is that of the boy who haunts the bridge by Dead Man's Curve. How he passed away is still unknown. The story goes that when you throw a coin in the water, it's said that the ghost boy retrieves the coin and throws it back up to you. Other versions of the story say that when you return to the bridge at midnight, the coin you threw in will be waiting in the middle of the road for you. Some say that he was hit by a car while being over to pick up a coin. When you stop and stand in the middle of the road to retrieve the coin, the boy comes and pushes you into the water to save you from his untimely fate.

Other stories linked to this haunted road speak of experiences with ghost trucks chasing you down, Satanic worships held at the old iron smelter and stories of albino tribes following hunting you. The haunted tales and history of this road date back to before the area was settled in 1905. If you are ever brave enough to visit DON'T go at night and NEVER get out of the car!

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Devil's Tree, Basking Ridge

Located just off the curve of a road in Basking Ridge is a massive stately oak known as The Devil's Tree. It towers in isolation over a field of overgrown shrubs. The look of the tree is not where it gets its name but rather from the history and tales that come with it. Some locals say that even in the harshest storms snowfall doesn't collect around the base of the tree. Some legends of the tree talk about the town having been home to a headquarters of the Klu Klux Klan, or that the tree is haunted by the spirits of African Americans who were lynched in the tree. Another story states that the tree has been home to many suicides. The most gruesome being of a man who had murdered his whole family and hanged himself to death by the large branches.

Those who dare to visit the tree say to be overwhelmed with a heavy feeling and have trouble breathing. Some who have touched the tree say their hands have been stained black with an oily substance. If you can get close enough, you can see marks on the base where people have tried to cut it down but have had no luck making through the first few inches. Have you visited The Devil's Tree and experienced any of the above?

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Batsto Village, Washington

South Jersey is home to the Pine Barrens which is known for the tales of the Jersey Devil. According to the legend, the Devil is the 13th born son of the Leeds, the first inhabiters of New Jersey. Mother Leeds gave birth to a healthy baby, who, within minutes, transformed into this beast. This monster is said to have a horse like head, wings of a bat, hooves and a spiked tail. One area of the Pine Barrens that is less discussed is Batsto Village. This old ghost town is said to be a hot spot for Jersey Devil activity. There's tons of history tied to this area. Could that why the Jersey Devil likes to lurk in these woods? In the last 50 years, there have been numerous reports and encounters with the beast in this area. Some of these encounters include strange tracks along with hearing screams just outside of the village. One sighting of the Jersey Devil comes from a group that saw the creature crossing the street in front of them. When visiting the village some say you can feel his presence as if he's walking right behind you. Have you had any experience with the Jersey Devil?

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The Devil's Tower, Alpine

Located in the center of an upscale neighborhood is a gothic stone tower that lurks over the community. The tower has a rich history and a dark tale that goes with it. Said to be built in the early 1900s by Manuel Rionda for his wife so she could have a place to view the beautiful city skyline. One evening Manuel's wife saw him having an affair from the top of the tower. She was so upset that she had thrown herself to her death from the top windows. Later that evening, when she did not return Manuel, went looking and discovered her mangled body. It was from that point on that supernatural activity started to be a common occurrence within the tower. There were reports of people getting pushed and hearing odd noises. Manuel believed this to be his dead wife coming back to haunt him. Because of this, he had the tower closed off and removed the elevator leading to the top.

Even with the tower closed off, strange activity still occurred. With the stories of the supernatural activity spreading through nearby towns the tower quickly became known as "The Devil's Tower". Manuel passed away in the mid-1900s. It was at this time that the town had decided to try and demolish the tower. During the demolition, many workers fell to their death. These incidents had only helped to back the belief of the tower's curse. To this day the tower still sits there gated off to keep the public away from the evil. It has been said that if you drive or walk backward 3-6 times around the tower, Manuel's wife or even worse the devil will appear right before you.

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