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Belleplain State Forest, All You Need To Know

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Sitting just south of the well known Jersey Pine Barrens, you'll find 20,000 acres of young pine, oak, and Atlantic white cedar which make up the Belleplain State Forest. Established in 1928 as a recreational, wildlife management, timber production, and water conservation area, the state forest still acts in the same manner.

Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure day trip to get away with the family or an overnight camping trip, Bellplain should be on your list to consider. Within the 20,000 acres of the forest, you'll find nature and hiking trails, campsites, lake Nummy and more.

Hiking & Biking - There is a winding trail system through the forest with trails made for hiking and mountain biking. Many of the trails run through the boggy environment of the forest and feature sections of boardwalks that span swampy parts. Be prepared for some mud and the during the summer seasons ticks. The different trails can be found on the map at the bottom of this blog.

Camping - The Bellplain State Forest has three campsites within the park. North Shore Campground, Meisle Camp Ground, and the CCC Camp Ground. The three campsites are relatively close to with the North Shore site being on the other side of Lake Nummy. To camp at Bellplain, a reservation must be made through the state website, which can be done here.

Lake Nummy - Lake Nummy was once the Meisle Cranberry bog that was converted into the lake for fishing, boating, and swimming. Swimming is permitted at the north side of the lake while lifeguards are on duty. Check the swimming schedule here.

Please click on each map to download.

All info provided by the state park website.

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