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Brighton Asylum New Jersey's Most Interactive Nightmare

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

New Jersey's top haunted attraction just keeps getting better! Brighton Asylum in Passaic, NJ has added yet another experience to their already amazing lineup of haunts.

The legend of Brighton Asylum goes back to before the mid-1940s. Brighton is a series of decrepit old warehouses once used to house mentally damaged and psychologically unstable individuals. The building known as Brighton is where the most violent patients were held. The Asylum was shut down in 1952 due to the patient experiments, staff disappearances and screams spilling out into the night. After 59 years of sitting abandoned and decaying the old Asylum was reopened for the public to explore its halls.

Brighton is by far the most interactive haunted house we've been to. If you're looking to be seriously spooked we highly recommend a treck through their halls.

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2018 saw the addition of Bleeding Grounds. Here you'll be taken through the elaborate second-floor staff quarters. You'll quickly learn why these quarters became known as the Bleeding Grounds. See for yourself below.

These attractions are not for the faint of heart. It's like walking through a real-life horror movie. There are a number of other activities housed at Brighton such as "Hack Shack" a hatchet-throwing range, "The twitching Hour" a paranormal experience and "Fear Pressure" an all-immersive escape room experience.

New for 2019 is PORT9L an interactive pre-show experience. You'll start your journey at Brighton Asylum’s “research and development” center. Here you and tour friends will be tested by Brighton's very own research team.

If you're a horror junkie or just love to give yourself a mild to severe scare you have to check in to Brighton this Halloween season! To learn more or but tickets you can visit their website here

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