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Celebrate Spring at the Annual Tulip Festival at Dalton Farms in New Jersey

Spring is in the air and there's no better way to celebrate the season than by visiting the Tulip Festival at Dalton Farms in New Jersey! This annual event is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, drawing in visitors from all over the state to admire the stunning display of colorful tulips.

The festival takes place every year during peak tulip season, which typically falls between mid-March and April. During this time, the fields at Dalton Farms come alive with rows upon rows of vibrant tulips in an array of colors, from bright pinks and oranges to deep reds and purples.

Visitors to the festival can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the fields, taking in the sights and scents of the blooming tulips. There are also plenty of photo opportunities for those looking to capture the beauty of the flowers on camera.

In addition to admiring the tulips, there are also a variety of other activities to enjoy at the festival. Kids will love the chance to meet the farm animals, including goats, sheep, and chickens, while adults can indulge in some retail therapy at the farm's market, which sells a variety of fresh produce and locally-made goods.

The festival is also a great opportunity to learn more about tulips and their history. Dalton Farms offers educational tours that provide insight into the tulip's origins and cultural significance.

Overall, the Tulip Festival at Dalton Farms is a must-visit event for anyone looking to celebrate spring in New Jersey. With its stunning display of tulips, fun activities, and educational opportunities, it's no wonder why this festival has become a beloved tradition for so many in the area.

So mark your calendars and don't miss out on the chance to experience the beauty of the Tulip Festival at Dalton Farms!

**Ticket prices** $12 online(plus NJ sales tax and ticket site convenience fees). $16 walk up gate admission if tickets are still available.

Pick your own tulips and daffodils for $2 per stem or 10 flowers for $10.

All guests must be checked in by 6pm, we close promptly at 7pm.

For more information and to purchase tickets click HERE


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