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If You're Obsessed With Chinese Food Look No Further!

Tucked away on Route 46 in Clifton, NJ is a small building with tan stonework and a sign affixed that reads Chef Yang. You most likely drive by it if you weren't paying attention or planning on eating there. We, however, were on a mission to give it a try! Our thoughts about it.. you need to stop in!

The inside is clean, modern and bright. The stonework from the outside is carried through to the interior this time white and lit by many lights adding so much depth to the space. Overall it's a great environment to have a drink from the bar, order some food and unwind with your friends! But let's get onto the important part, the food!

Chef Yang 46 is a gourmet Chinese restaurant specializing in elegant and versatile Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant was created by Dinggen Wang who has many critically acclaimed manhattan restaurants and Jiaqing Yang who is a Chengdu native with 30 years of culinary experience. We're so happy that the two decided to bring their take on this cuisine to Jersey!

The menu has a variety of items to choose from ranging from your classic Chinese options to the unique Sichuan. If you wanted to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this is the place to do it! For appetizers, we ordered Edamame, Pork Dumplings in Chilli Oil and Wonton Soup. Spicy peanuts and crispy noodles were also brought to our table. With the first bite of the dumplings, our bodies went into a trance. Right there we knew we were in for a treat!

After some help from the amazing staff, we were able to narrow down what we wanted for the main course! We wanted to try their versions of items we would typically order as well as other options we don't usually see or wouldn't try on our own. With that said we decided on sharing General Tso Chicken, Crispy Orange Beef and Prawns in a Garlic Sauce.

As expected from trying our appetizers we once again were in heaven as we dipped our forks and squeezed our chopsticks around the food. There was nothing more than a gesture of happiness and a gaze of astonishment shared between the two of us as we scarfed down the food!

The co-owners set out to showcase the lesser-known side of the famous Chinese regional cuisine — its freshness, delicacy, and moderation. Not only do we feel that they've executed this, but have also done so while creating an environment and atmosphere that is extremely welcoming and inviting.

We here at Local Living NJ truly believe that Chef Yang 46 has the best Chinese food in the state. The freshness, flavor, and experience are above and beyond what we were expecting. If you're looking for a new place for amazing food you HAVE to check out Chef Yang 46. We drove over an hour to chow down. We really think you should too! You can check out the Menu Here. For hours and location click Here. Don't forget to check them out on Instagram!



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