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Did Someone Say a Shushi Speakeasy?

Hidden behind a door at Ani Ramen in Jersey City is a modern sushi speakeasy. This high-end experience only seats 8 people at an intimate sushi bar setting. The Sushi Speakeasy is owned and operated by Sushi by Bou who has 7 eateries throughout the New York area.

The experience is timed at 60 minutes per seating, and only offers a carefully curated chefs choice menu of sushi running at $50 a person.

For the money, you dish out you'll receive 12 pieces of sushi served in a personal setting by the chef over the course of the hour. This style of dining is known as Omakase and is by far one of the most intimate settings for dinner!

Enjoy craft cocktails, imported sakes, or Japanese beers, while sitting at the Zen Garden lounge area, and Japanese street cart inspired bar.

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