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Fairy Trail - The Perfect Fall Hike for Kids

Discover the magic of fairies within the magic of fall! This is a perfect fall activity for anyone with little ones or anyone that would like to experience a different offbeat fall activity. The Fairy Trail is open all year however we do believe the magic is multiplied in the fall

This easy 1-mile loop trail is home to mini habitats created from natural materials. You'll want to keep your eye out as you wander through the woods looking for the fairies and their homes! You'll want to look in the tree trunks and along the foot of the trail, you never know where a fairy will be living! Let your little one's imaginations run wild as you create amazing memories!

The Fairy Trail is located in South Mountain Reservation of Essex county, at the Locust Grove entrance at 197 Glen Avenue, Millburn, New Jersey, across from the Millburn Library. Head toward the Rahway Trail to explore all the magic!



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