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Friday The 13th In Jersey

This date is not an unfamiliar one with New Jersey's past. Our adorable little state is the birthplace of what makes this day... spooky. Downtown Blairstown, the Blairstown Diner and Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco were all filming locations for Friday The 13th. Who would have ever thought that these tiny little towns in North Jersey would be perfect for the setting of a slasher movie? These locations still operate today and can be visited by fans however the setting for Camp Crystal Lake (Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco) is typically closed to the public due to it being a functioning Boy Scout Camp.

If you’re looking to visit the infamous Camp Crystal Lake you may have to wait a bit. Every now and then a tour Is hosted on the private grounds for movie and horror fans to see the filming locations of the movie. These tickets are very limited and hard to come by. In recent years tickets have sold out in no more than 8 seconds! They now have a lottery-style system where people interested in purchasing tickets are picked at random and contacted to make their purchase. Click here for more information.

The other filming locations are open to the public and are available for your horror pleasure! Grab a bite to eat at the Blairstown Diner. Some locations really embrace the filming history and hold special screenings the film on Friday The 13th.


Photograph: Peter Paulsen & MovieLocations.Com

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