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New Jersey's Last Standing Covered Bridge

Did you know that a small town in New Jersey is home to the states last historic covered bridge? Located in Stockton, NJ stands the Green Sergeants Covered Bridge. This historic wood flanked bridge looks like a scene right out of a Lifetime movie! The bridge was initially built in the year 1872. For decades this bridge saw traffic from horse-drawn buggies and the nation's first automobiles.

Throughout the years as cars evolved, the bridge was no longer able withstand the traffic. After many occasions of vehicles slamming into the structure and damaging the bridge, local officials decided to shut it down and rebuild a new structure to accommodate modern-day cars. Residents, however, put up an intense fight to keep the historic bridge. Thanks to the community, the bridge was reassembled using the original materials.

We highly recommend taking a trip to visit this bridge in October! Just look at how pretty it is with the red and orange leaves as a backdrop! If you don't make it in time this fall, there's no need to worry, this historic bridge will be around for years to come. After visiting the bridge you can travel a couple miles north and enjoy a lunch in charming French Town, NJ.

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Cover Photo Provided By Daniel D'Auria

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