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Unveiling the Ultimate Fall Foliage Adventure: Conquer the Mount Tammany in New Jersey

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When it comes to breathtaking hikes and stunning autumn panoramas, New Jersey is undoubtedly a treasure trove. However, if you're on the hunt for a challenging trek that rewards you with awe-inspiring fall foliage vistas, your quest ends with the Mount Tammany Red & Blue Dot Loop Trail. This exhilarating trail promises an invigorating adventure that's not for the faint-hearted. Rated as a difficult route, rest assured, the effort is entirely justified.

Embark on a 3-mile journey that will take you up the majestic face of Mount Tammany, across its pinnacle, and then gracefully down its backside. Along the ascent, anticipate a dynamic mix of terrains, from dirt paths adorned with roots to expansive rock formations and narrow single-path dirt trails. About halfway up, you'll encounter what appears to be a formidable rock wall, a challenge that's less daunting than it seems. Take your time to conquer it, as the exhilaration can leave you breathless!

Scaling the mountain rewards you with not one, but two or three lookout points. The vista improves with each elevation, offering a tantalizing preview of the grandeur awaiting you at the summit. Plan for around three hours to complete the hike itself, though time at the summit is difficult to gauge due to the mesmerizing views.

The descent along the backside is characterized by sprawling rocks and well-trodden dirt paths, making for a more manageable terrain. If you're up for a slightly less arduous ascent, consider reversing your route. This alternative presents significant inclines but eliminates the rock wall challenge. Pet owners, take note – the trail is dog-friendly, but some four-legged companions may encounter difficulties on certain sections.

For those who breeze through this hike and crave more mileage, the Mount Tammany parking lot offers numerous trailheads to explore. The AllTrails app is an excellent resource for discovering the optimal paths and trails for your adventure. And while you're in the vicinity, don't miss the chance to refuel at Hot Dog Johnnys for a quick and delicious bite!

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Directions: Click Here


The trailhead parking lots are conveniently located off Route 80. The mountainside lots tend to fill up quickly, so if they're occupied, make a left under the highway and to the right, you'll discover an alternative riverside parking lot. From there, walk in the same direction as your arrival under the highway.


Prepare for captivating panoramas, an uphill challenge on the red trail, and a rewarding outlook at its summit. The descent along the blue trail treats you to new scenery, meandering paths through lush woodlands, and the soothing sound of running water. Keep an eye out for the charming pond along the way. Feel free to embark on this trail clockwise as well. Although your canine companions are welcome, be mindful that some users have found parts of the trail challenging for their furry friends. - All Trails



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