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New Jersey's BEST Fall Foliage Hike - The Best of NJ

Don't get us wrong New Jersey has a lot of hikes, but if you're looking for a challenging hike with amazing views of the fall foliage then this is definitely for you! This trail is rated as difficult but trust us when we say it's worth it! Youll be taking the Mount Tammany Red & Blue Dot Loop Trail, this is about a 3-mile hike up the face of the mountain across the top and then down around the backside. On the way up you can expect to cross over various terrains such as dirt paths with roots, large rocks, and single path dirt trails. Halfway up you'll come to what pretty much seems like a rock wall that you'll need to scale it's easier than it seems, but take your time as it will suck the breath out of you!

As you scale the mountain you'll come across two or three lookout points. Every time the view gets better and better, it's like a little treat giving you a taste of what's at the top! We recommend setting aside up to three hours for the hike itself. It's hard to estimate how long you'll spend at the vantage point! Going around the backside you'll mostly be walking on large rocks and dirt paths. Terrain wise the backside is easier to maneuver. If you wanted to walk the trail in reverse this is a slightly easier way up. Still, be prepared for large steep inclines however you don't have to worry about any rock walls! This trail is dog-friendly, however, some people have noted their dogs had trouble with portions of the terrain.

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If this hike was easy for you and you're looking to walk a little more there are many trailheads at the Mount Tammany parking lot! We recommend using the app alltrails to find the best paths and trails to take! While you're in the area we also suggest stopping by Hot Dog Johnnys for a quick bite to eat! You can read all about it Here

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The parking lot and trailheads are right off of route 80. There are two lots on the mountainside these can fill up quickly. If this is the case make a left under the highway and to the right, there is another parking lot on the riverside. You'll have to walk under the highway in the same direction you came from.


Great views, challenging ascent, sometimes a little crowded at the summit. The red trail has the challenge of steep uphill portions with the reward of a beautiful outlook at the peak. The way down the blue trail is very pleasant as you see new scenery which includes a winding path through the trees and running water. There is even a small pond. This trail can be done clockwise as well. Although dogs are allowed to use this trail, some users have reported that it was difficult for their dogs. - All Trails



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