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Spend a Night In One of New Jersey's Most Haunted Hotels

We all know about New Jersey's haunted locations and landmarks to explore. One thing we never think is spending a night in one of New Jersey's haunted hotels! Check out the top haunted hotels in New Jersey!

1. Angel of The Sea, Cape May

Looking at this beautiful building you wouldn't imagine what's lurking inside! Miss Brown a former guest is apparently the one who is haunting the halls here. Her death occurred in the 1960s when she fell to her death while climbing through the window of her room after locking herself out. You'll know she's paying you a visit when she shakes your bed, moving the furniture or creating a strange light anomaly. - Stay Here

2. The Flanders Hotel, Ocean City

The Flanders Hotel is said to once have been a regular spot for crime boss meetings which took place down in the onsite catacombs. Nowadays it's known as one of New Jersey's most haunted hotels. The most well-known spirit from the hotel is known as Marylinn a young redheaded girl who likes to roam the halls. There are also disembodied voices and sights of children running through the halls. - Stay Here

3. Grenville Hotel, Bayhead

When staying at the Grenville hotel you can encounter apparitions roaming the halls. If you don't like kids this may not be the place for you to stay! One of the most common reports of paranormal activities is that of noisy kids playing in the hall. Most of the reports have been made when no kids were staying there! - Stay Here

4. Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City

Surprising the Trump Taj Mahal is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in New Jersey. Guests have reported seeing the ghost of a man who committed suicide by jumping off the 10th floor of the parking deck. He is said to be seen around 12am every evening. -Stay Here

5. Hotel Macomber, Cape May

People claim that there are many spirits who haunt the Hotel Macomber. There are reports of silverware and strange noises in the dining room and kitchen area. This is said to be the ghost of a waitress who haunts these areas. In the summer months, an old guest is said to haunt room number 10. She can usually be heard dragging her trunk around the room! - Stay Here

6. Widow Mccrea House Bed & Breakfast, Frenchtown

In Frenchtown, NJ sits this little Inn which is comprised of an old home from the 1870s. There have been several reports of unexplained paranormal activity over the years. One of the most common reports is that of feeling a cat jumping on the bed in the middle of the night, however when the guests go to look there is no cat to be found! - Stay Here

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