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The Best Year-Round Hiking In Jersey

Jersey has so many amazing trails and areas to hike and explore year-round! Check out our list of favorite year-round Jersey hiking!


1. The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is located in Morris County. The refuge consists of 7,768 acres of varied habitats and has become an important resting and feeding area for more than 244 species of birds. While walking the trails and boardwalks you can expect to see fox, deer, muskrat, turtles, fish, frogs and a wide variety of wildflowers and plants depending on the time of the year you visit. Get directions here.


2. Historic Smithville Trails

This 312-acre park features a diverse collection of habitats and terrain as well as the Smithville Historic District. At this park, you can hike and bike through the many different trails that span the park. There's also a museum and old mansion on site along with a butterfly garden and floating walkway. Get directions here.


3. Appalachian Trail Boardwalk

The Appalachian Trail Boardwalk offers such a unique year-round hiking experience! There are over 1.5 miles of elevated path and includes a 110-foot extension bridge that spans over what was once a prehistoric lake! Depending on the time of the year you go you'll have amazing views of blooming trees, summer nature, fall foliage or snow-covered mountains! In the winter you can pair this hike with an afternoon of tubing at Mountain Creek Ski Resort! Get directions here.


4. Hacklebarney State Park

Hacklebarney State Park is located in Morris County. This park is full of easy and leisurely hikes that careen through the areas naturally hilly environment. While hiking here you'll pass many waterfalls and walk along the Black River. There are only about 6 miles of overlapping trails here making this park the best for families and leisurely strolls. Get directions here.


5. Cheesequake State Park

Cheesequake State Park is in a unique location. Right in the middle of the urban north, the suburban south and right in the middle of a transitional zone between two different ecosystems. Within the park, you'll find open fields, saltwater and freshwater marshes, a white cedar swamp, Pine Barrens, and a northeastern hardwood forest. Get directions here.


6. Apple Pie Hill via Botona Trail

The Botona Trail is Located in South Jersey and is found within the Wharton State Forest. It spans about 51 miles but we chose this because of one stand out stop along the path! Apple Pie Hill is the highest point in the pine barrens a massive 209' above sea level! Here you can climb to the to of the fire tower for spectacular panoramic views (The fire tower is fenced off, but is accessible when staffed by a fire watcher – normally every day until sundown during fire season. Call NJ Forest Fire Service Division B Headquarters to check at (609) 726-9010 ) Get directions here.



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