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The Classic Drive-In Theaters Are Back!

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<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>"The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are" was the slogan of America's first drive-in theater which was opened right here in Jersey! Drive-in theaters used to be a prominent activity in Jersey with over 40 of them across the state!

Out of all of them, one remained and that's the Delsa Drive-in Theater located about an hour north of Wildwood in Vineland. Delsa Drive-in was temporarily closed due to COVID-19 but is no open again and for guests! There is one near north Jersey located in Warwick New York Just over the border.

For many years this theater going activity was very limited to most Jersey residence however pop up drive-ins have been slowly opening around the state. You can thank the pandemic for this one. Ocean County, Bergen County, and Morris County are all getting their own drive-ins!

Ocean County's drive-in theater is a first come first serve to residents. For Morris and Bergen County you can purchase tickets, see showing times and dates on Boxcar Drive-ins website. Sit back relax and order car side food drop off from participating local restaurants. It's a fun and great way to experience a part of Jersey history while making a fun time out of a hard time!



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