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The Ghosts of Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Park is home to Paranormal Books & Curiosities. Opened in 2008 they carry a large selection of paranormal books and gifts. In addition to books, they also offer a wide variety of paranormal experiences some of which include, ghost hunting classes, seances, and paranormal investigations.

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Along with the book store, they also have the Paranormal Museum. Inside the museum is an array of spooky artifacts including haunted objects and dolls. The museum is currently only available to the public during scheduled guided tours which occur Saturdays and Sundays 12:30, 2 pm & 3 pm. You can purchase tickets Here.

The museum and book store also offers Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunting experiences. You can choose from three tours the Haunted Pub Tour, Haunted Boardwalk Tour or the Haunted Downtown Tour. Read about them below!

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Haunted Pub Tour

This 2-hour tour is restricted for adults of age 21 or up. This is one haunted walk guaranteed to show you spirits! (The drinkable kind, that is). Take a guided indoor tour through Asbury Park’s dark and deadly past while you relax INSIDE some of the city’s most historic and reportedly haunted locations. - Paranormal Book Store

Boardwalk Ghost Tour

Experience the haunted past of this ‘City by the Sea’ with a moonlit stroll along Asbury Park’s historic boardwalk. Encounter true tales of terror aboard a doomed luxury liner, inside a historic theater engulfed by a mysterious fire and in the dark waters which hide many spine-tingling secrets. The Jersey Shore has many dark stories, join us as we visit New Jersey’s ghostly past. - Paranormal Book Store

Downtown Ghost Tour

Explore secrets of the Jersey Shore with a lantern-led walk through Asbury Park’s historic downtown district. Travel back through history to witness the birth of the city, visit the scene of a ghastly crime and uncover the truth behind some of New Jersey’s most infamous ghosts. All tours feature local legend, history as well as results from Paranormal BC hands-on ghost hunting expeditions. - Paranormal Book Store

Ghost Hunter Tour

On the Ghost Hunter Tour, you'll get to experience the museum as a ghost hunter. Tour the Paranormal Museum as an investigator. Spend time with the items up close and personal. Investigators are welcome to bring their own equipment, but we will provide as well. - Paranormal Book Store

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