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The Hidden Hudson Park You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Located in the top right corner of New Jersey is a little town called Alpine, a town mostly known for its large mansions, celebrity residents, and folklore of the "Devil's Tower." One thing that might slip most minds is a park on the edge of a cliff that gives the best views of the Hudson!

Palisades Interstate Park is located on the last bit of the northern stretch of the Palisades Interstate Parkway in New Jersey. Here you can find the Women's Federation Monument, The State Line Cafe, The Historic Kearny House, and Cliffdale Manor. The park is also home to six hiking trails of various moderations that all give amazing views!

The Women's Federation Monument is a trailside stone tower located on the hiking path along the overlap section of the Long Path and the Forest View Trail. The tower was dedicated in 1929 to honor the role that the New Jersey State Women's Clubs took in preserving the Palisades. Click here to download and map to the monument.

If you want to just check out the views and skip the hiking you should stop by the State Line Cafe! It's a great place to grab a bite to eat and take in the views and scenery of the Palisades. You can also buy gifts and books on outdoor activities, history, and nature with a focus on the Hudson River Valley. The cafe is open year-round click here for current hours and holiday hours.

The Kearny House was once a Hudson River Homestead, a Tavern and even a Police Station. Many people have stayed and enjoyed drinks in its former tavern days. It was also a meeting place for the captains and crew workers that sailed the ships that came in and out of the docks daily. The house is open for tours from May to October. Special days throughout the year, you can attend events based on its role as a nineteenth-century Hudson River homestead and tavern.

Cliffdale Mannor was a summer home built by George Zabriskie and then bought by J.D. Rockefeller, Jr. Two years later the property was donated after the Palisades commission decided to return the are to the skyline to its natural terrain. The building was set to be demolished but the plans were never completely followed through. The top part of the structure was removed only leaving the bottom portion standing today. You can find the ruins of this old home on one of the many hikes in the park.

Throughout the park, you'll be able to hike 8 different trails. There are some easy to moderate trails but be warned that it is rugged terrain as you are hiking on the side of a cliff. All the hikes are listed below starting from easy to challenging. Please see the attached downloadable keyed map for trail routes and the best places to park for each hike. For more hiking information, trail details and photos visit AllTrails.Com

1. Women's Federation Monument - Easy

This is about a 2 mile out and back hike that's perfect for children and families. Here you'll find the "castle" as mentioned before.

Download map and the key here

2. Cape Fly Away - Easy

This is a round trip 3 -mile hike that works out to about 1.5-hour. If you'd like you can cut in half if you like too.

Download map and the key here

3. Peanut Leap Cascade - Moderate

this hike is about 2.5 miles roundtrip and takes about 2 hours to complete. On this hike, you can enjoy a scenic cascading waterfall!

Download map and the key here

4. Bombay Hook - Moderate

If you're into longer hikes this one is diffidently for you! This 7-mile hike will take you about 5 hours to complete. This hike will give you great views of the cliffs above and the Hudson River on the other side!

Download map and the key here

5. Huyler's Landing History Hike - Moderate

If you like history we recommend this hike! Comming it at about 5 miles this scenic hike will take about 3.5 hours to complete.

Download map and the key here

6. Carpenter's Loop - Moderate

This hike clocks in at about 2.5 hours. It has the potential to be cut in half (Please refer to the map and key) The total length of the hike is 5.5 - miles.

Download map and the key here

7. The Giant stairs - Challenging

This hike is very challenging and is only recommended for experienced hikers. We do not recommend this hike for children or dogs, or when the conditions are icy or wet. It's a 4-mile hike that may take about 3 hours depending on the pace that you go.

Download map and the key here

8. Clinton Point - Challenging

This is an 8-mile hike that clocks in around 5 hours, sometimes it can be done in a shorter period pending on how often you stop. Some things you'll see on this hike are great Hudson River views, cliff views, waterfalls, hill climb, ruins, abandoned structures.

Download map and the key here

Info and Maps provided by: Palisades Interstate Park Commission

Photos Provided By: AllTrails.Com