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This Might Be The Best Dim Sum In NJ...

Updated: May 7, 2020

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Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese brunch made of small bite-size dumplings and dishes. Usually consisting of two food carts a steamed and a fried cart. It's generally considered Cantonese, although other varieties exist. Our favorite place to get Dim Sum happens to be a Thai! Although the food is amazing, it's not the only thing that puts this spot on the top of our list!

When you visit Pandan Room in Hackettstown, NJ you'll feel like you're eating in a family's home. It's a cozy, warm and inviting environment that will make you feel right at home. The staff is extremely attentive, friendly and knowledgable about the food. There are options for everyone! This Dim Dum has many vegan and vegetarian-friendly options such as vegan chicken wings, Vegan Curry Dumplings, and our favorite Edamame Shumi!

Dim Sum is every Saturday and Sunday from 11-2. We recommend calling ahead with a reservation due to the size of the Restaraunt. If you aren't in the mood for Dim Sum but would love to give Pandan Room a try they have an amazing lunch and dinner menu throughout the rest of the week! You can check those out here.

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Mon thru Fri Lunch 11:30a - 2p

Dinner Everyday from 5p - 10p

Sat & Sun Dim Sum 11a - 2p



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