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What Makes This Jersey's Best Hot Dog Spot?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Located way west in Jersey nestled on a windy part of route 46 is a bright green retro hut. Affixed to the top are two large weenies and a neon sign that reads Hot Dog Johnny. If you've seen this and haven't stopped, we can tell you that you've surely made a huge mistake. Some may have said to you that stopping here isn't worth it because "They have limited options" or "I know of a place that has better dogs". Well tell you right of the bat if you're going for over the top, loaded with goodies you won't get that at Hot Dog Johnny's! This roadside joint has one thing that many hot dogs stand lack, and that's the classic old-school charm. That's what Hot Dog Johnny is all about and that's why we think its Jersey's best.

We can tell you that the experience begins before you even get out of the car! Pulling off the road and into the narrow lot seeing the neon signs and other eating builds the excitement. You hop out and approach one of the curved windows to place your order and are greeted with warm smiles and a friendly "hello what can we get ya?". If you haven't been, they'll give you the rundown of the classically limited menu. Since we want to set expectations well help you out.

To Eat: Fries & Hot dogs with Ketchup, Mustard, Relish or Onions.

To Drink: Birch Beer, Milkshakes or Fresh Buttermilk.

That's it! Plain and simple but again the food isn't the only thing that makes this place! If you were wondering we recommend a loaded dog and a nice cold glass of birch beer and trust us when we say cold! Poured straight from a tap and into a chilled glass mug, It doesn't get any better than that! Especially on a hot summers day. Once they hand you the brown bag full of goodness and your drink, it's time to pick a seat. To the left are outdoor tables under a covered patio. To the right is an indoor/outdoor vintage seating area that is sure to take you back in time. All that's left to do is tear that bag open and chow down! While you do don't focus on the food. Focus on the atmosphere, the people you're with and create a memory of it. That's what Hot Dog Johnnys is about, and that is why we believe it to be Jersey's best hot dog stand.

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