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A Taste of Craft Brews and Relaxation at Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck, NJ

Welcome to Local Living NJ, your go-to guide for discovering hidden gems in the beautiful state of New Jersey. Today, we're taking you on a delightful journey to Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck. With its locally brewed beers, inviting atmosphere, and abundance of seating options, this brewery is a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing getaway. Join us as we explore the flavors, ambiance, and unique experiences offered by this charming establishment.

Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck New Jersey
Front of Source Farmhouse Brewery

Source Farmhouse Brewery takes pride in its handcrafted beers, offering a staggering selection of over 15 beers on tap, all brewed right on site. Whether you're a devoted beer connoisseur or a non-beer drinker, there's something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to their wide array of beers, they also offer hard seltzers, providing refreshing alternatives for those looking to explore different flavors.

During our visit, we had the pleasure of trying their newly released Kanaka Maoli Punch, a fruited tart ale bursting with tropical flavors. With every sip, you're transported to an exotic island paradise, surrounded by the vibrant tastes of the tropics. Another delightful option we savored was the Hawaii Five-O, another fruited tart ale that encapsulated the essence of an island getaway within a can. Each brew at Source Farmhouse Brewery is a testament to their dedication to quality and innovation.

Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck New Jersey
Beers of Source Farmhouse Brewery

Source Farmhouse Brewery offers a variety of inviting spaces where you can relax and enjoy your drinks. Inside the taproom, you'll find a cozy and lively atmosphere, perfect for mingling with friends or striking up conversations with fellow beer enthusiasts. If you prefer the great outdoors, head to the front patio, where you can soak up the sunshine and savor your beverage in the fresh air.

For a more expansive experience, venture to the back yard Biergarten, a spacious outdoor area with ample seating. Here, you can unwind while engaging in friendly competitions with yard games such as connect four and cornhole. The lively ambiance and relaxed setting make it an ideal spot for enjoying great company and immersing yourself in the local craft beer culture.

Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck New Jersey
Source Farmhouse Brewery Tasting Room

For a change of scenery, make your way to the upstairs mezzanine or the rooftop terrace, both offering picturesque views and an elevated perspective of the brewery. Whichever space you choose, Source Farmhouse Brewery provides a diverse range of seating options to accommodate your preferences and enhance your visit.

Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck New Jersey
Yard Games at Source Farmhouse Brewery

To compliment your beer-drinking experience at Source Farmhouse Brewery, they offer a variety of snacks for purchase that perfectly balance their flavorful brews. From savory bites to delightful treats, these culinary offerings are carefully curated to satisfy your cravings while you enjoy your drinks.

Additionally, Source Farmhouse Brewery welcomes guests to bring their own food if they prefer. This option allows you to customize your experience by bringing your favorite snacks or even indulging in a picnic-style meal while savoring their handcrafted beers. Whether you opt for the delectable snacks available on-site or choose to bring your own culinary delights, the brewery ensures that your taste buds will be thoroughly satisfied.

Source Farmhouse Brewery in Colts Neck, New Jersey, offers an outstanding craft beer experience that will leave you eager for more. From their extensive selection of beers brewed on site to their inviting and versatile seating areas, every aspect of the brewery is designed to provide an enjoyable and memorable visit. Whether you're planning a weekend outing or seeking weekday relaxation, Source Farmhouse Brewery is a haven for beer enthusiasts and those looking to unwind. We invite you to raise your glass and embark on a flavorful journey at this captivating brewery in the heart of Colts Neck.

Hours and locations are blow. For more information about Source Farmhouse Brewery visit, their current tap list, and more, please visit their website: Source Farmhouse Brewery - Colts Neck

Hours & Location

Sunday & Monday 12 - 8pm

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday & Thursday - 12 - 9pm

Friday & Saturday 12 - 10 pm


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