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Unearth the Chilling Charms of Clinton: A Haunting Experience in New Jersey

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

If you can't make it to Salem, Massachusetts this year, don't fret! New Jersey offers an equally spooky destination that's sure to give you goosebumps. If you're not seeking scares, skip to the second paragraph – there's something for everyone in Clinton during this time of the year!


Clinton Red Mill Ghosts


Nestled in Clinton, New Jersey, was once a thriving milling town boasting several mills owned by the Hunt family. The most iconic of these structures, the Clinton Red Mill, has earned its place as one of the most photographed buildings in Jersey. While its picturesque appearance might fool you, this quaint town by the river's edge conceals a dark and intriguing history.

The Clinton Red Mill, a mill with a varied past, evolved from a wool mill to a grist mill, and eventually ended its days as a graphite mill before being acquired by the Clinton Water Supply Company. Despite the postcard-worthy scenery, a somber legacy hangs over the area.

A picturesque view of the iconic Red Mill in Clinton, New Jersey, nestled by the serene riverside, surrounded by vibrant foliage.
Dizzydj311 - Pixabay

The 1800s milling industry lacked proper safety measures, resulting in numerous tales of workers being maimed or crushed within the mills during their operations in Clinton. Some recorded deaths had no direct correlation with milling work but were attributed to the town's lingering curse.

A historic snapshot of the mill in its early days, showcasing its rustic charm and the bustling activity of the era.
The History Girl - Pinterest

A worker's demise in the mill involved a tragic fall into the third-floor hopper, leading to suffocation. Another heartbreaking tale speaks of a young boy residing on the property who accidentally shot himself while cleaning his firearm. The family's history is also marked by a member's sudden heart attack and passing on the steps.

An evocative glimpse into the past, featuring the mill's architecture set against the backdrop of a bygone landscape.
Hunterdon Art Museum/ Facebook

Visitors and mill employees alike have reported spine-tingling paranormal encounters, from eerie tugging on clothing to ghostly hands resting on shoulders. Strangely, some visitors praised a period actor at the mill, despite the museum never employing re-enactors. Photographs have captured many orbs and figures in the mill's windows, adding to the mystique.

Following an episode of "Ghost Hunters," the mill embraced its haunted reputation, offering limited night ghost tours. For more information on the Ghost Tours click Here

 mysterious and haunting image of the Red Mill from the 1970s, capturing an eerie atmosphere and adding to the legends surrounding the location.
Haunted Clinton Red Mill


Red Mill Haunted Village


Clinton's locals have embraced the town's shadowy past, transforming it into an extraordinary experience. For 28 years, every October at sunset, the Red Mill Museum transforms into the Red Mill Haunted Village. This haunting experience has become a staple on many fall bucket lists.

Diverging from the real haunted and paranormal tours mentioned earlier, the Haunted Village presents a haunted scare show as a museum fundraiser. Here, you must navigate the haunted mill before embarking on a chilling hayride through the dark woods of haunted Clinton. Identifying the real ghosts becomes a challenge in itself.

For those with younger companions or a lower fright threshold, the Haunted Village offers a lights-on experience to ensure everyone can partake in the fall festivities. For more information on the Haunted Village click Here


Downtown Clinton


A vibrant snapshot of present-day downtown Clinton, New Jersey, showcasing its charming streets adorned with colorful storefronts and bustling activity.
Down Town Clinton New Jersey

Just across the historic bridge lies the charming town of Clinton. This haven boasts over 17 stores and 18 restaurants and cafes, ideal for leisurely exploration during this time of year. If you're not planning on visiting the Haunted Village or joining a Ghost Tour, consider pairing your visit with a day of apple and pumpkin picking, followed by a delectable lunch at one of the town's remarkable eateries. Additionally, Clinton hosts various events throughout October, including the Main St. Expo & Beer Garden on October 12th from 1-4pm and Pumpkin Fest on October 18th from 6-9pm, featuring pumpkin competitions and fall festivities.

Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a lover of autumn charm, Clinton, New Jersey, beckons with its enthralling history and spooktacular attractions. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of this captivating town this fall season.

For Stores and Restaurants visit Here

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