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Salem In New Jersey?

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

If you can't make it to Salem Massachusetts this year don't fret! New Jersey has a town that sure to give you just as much of spook! If you're not looking to be scared scroll to the second paragraph there's something for everyone in Clinton this time of the year!


Clinton Red Mill Ghosts


Clinton New Jersey was once a bustling milling town being home to several mills owned by the Hunt family. One mill owned by the family is said to be the most photographed building in Jersey, The Clinton Red Mill. This mill, in particular, was passed through many hands and failed business over several years. It started as a wool mill, was then a grist mill and finally ended its days as a graphite mill before being sold to Clinton Water Supply company. The area may be picture-perfect, but don't be fooled by this quaint little town among the river's edge. There is a dark past that hovers over the area.

Clinton Red Mill
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With little to no safety measures put in place milling in the 1800s was a very dangerous job. There are numerous stories of workers being maimed or crushed inside the mills during their period of operations in Clinton. Some recorded deaths had no direct relations to the work of milling but are said to be due to the curse that is instilled in the dirt of the town.

Historic Clinton Red Mill Haunted
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One death at the mill is said to be of a worker who fell into the third-floor hopper and suffocated to death. Another tells of a young boy who lived on the property and accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. There is also documentation of a member of the family who died of a heart attack and passed on the steps.

Downtown Clinton Haunted
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Many visitors and employees of the Mill have had paranormal encounters that sent chills through their spines. Some have felt tugging on their clothing or hands on their shoulders. A group of visitors told the museum staff that they really liked the period actor that was working in the Mill. The museum has never employed re-enactors... Many orbs have been caught in photographs taken along with figures in the Mills windows.

After an episode of "Ghost Hunters" the mill opened its doors for limited night ghost tours. For more information on the Ghost Tours click HERE

Haunted Clinton Red Mill


Red Mill Haunted Village


The locals of Clinton have embraced the towns dark past and have created an amazing experience out of it! For the past 28 years, during the month of October at sunset, the Red Mill Museum turns into Red Mill Haunted Village. This haunted experience is high on the fall bucket list for many.

This event differs greatly from the haunted tours that we mentioned above as those are real haunted and paranormal tours. The Haunted Village is a haunted scare show put on as a fundraiser for the museum! At this event, you'll have to make it out of the haunted mill before you embark on a hayride through the dark woods of haunted Clinton. Good luck trying to pick out the real ghosts!

If you're visiting with little ones or can't handle the fright the Haunted Village offers a lights-on experience so all of those can join in the fall fun! For more information on the Haunted Village click Here


Downtown Clinton


Down Town Clinton New Jersey

Just over the old bridge sits the town of Clinton. Here you can find over 17 stores and 18 restaurants and cafes to spend the day perusing through! This is one town that you can really spend some time exploring especially this time of the year. However, If you don't plan on visiting the Haunted Village or taking a Ghost Tour we recommend pairing Clinton with a day of apple and pumpkin picking in the area and grabbing lunch at one of their amazing spots. The town also has many events throughout the month of October such as...

Main St. Expo & Beer Garden - Enjoy a day of vendors, live music and food along Main St. in Clinton. Oct 12th from 1-4pm

Pumpkin Fest - Enter your painted or carved pumpkin in the competition and enjoy a night of food and fall festivities. October 18th from 6-9pm.

For Stores and Restaurants visit Here

For more Clinton Events visit Here


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