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The wolves of New Jersey

I love any organization in our state that cares for animals in need. If you feel the same way, and are unafraid of (or even love!) large carnivores, I'd like to suggest these two special places to see wolves.

1. Howling Woods Farm - Jackson


At Howling Woods you can schedule a tour and get close to, and even pose with, wolves, and dog/wolf hybrids. During the tour, the staff is generous with their time and rich in knowledge about wolves and wolf rescue. It is amazing to see these beautiful animals up close and to see, my, what big teeth they have.

Visit their website Here

2. Lakota Wolf Preserve - Columbia


At Lakota, you view the wolves from behind fences, but what a great tour you get! The folks here are dedicated to the well-being of these highly intelligent and social animals. It is also nice to know that large road kill often finds it's way to the packs here.

Visit their website Here



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